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She speaks for all women in healing professions and that enlivens the idea of what is possible for us.
Jennifer A. Tam MD
[Delivering was an ] incredibly authentic read that I couldn't put down. In fact, I read it twice.
I know that you mean to help women primarily but as a father with a daughter and 3 sons, I know [Delivering] will help shape their minds as a result of your words and experiences!
Jeremy Torisk



The Future Female Leader; Edited by Linda Eastman. Chapter on authenticity, and authentic leadership. 9/2021.

Delivering: A personal memoir, written in essay format.  It was created to bring awareness to social justice, women’s rights, my personal journey through abuse and sexual assault.  It also is designed to start a conversation around mental health, postpartum care, and sexuality. October 2021.  Link

Physician Underdog: Underestimated (Chapter). 1/2022. Book was published by Navin Goyal.

Public Speaking:

Healthcare Burnout Symposium, January 24-25 2022. Overcoming the trust gap in healthcare Link

Ending Physician Burnout Conference Aug 24-25 2021  Being a woman in medicine: Training, safety, leadership and other keys to changing the culture  Link  -Top rated lecture of this conference

Ending Physician Burnout Conference Aug 24-25 2021  “Healthcare’s Equity Problem: Stories, Systemic Contributors and Solutions.” Link 

Private GE Healthcare Event 11/18/21  Women In Medicine: Challenges and Changes

Saint Marys University of Minnesota, March 2021 Panel Discussion for Women in Science

Amelia Riegstad Women Empowerment Series, March 2021 Womens empowerment

InnovatorMD Virtual Conference March 19, 2021 Keynote Speaker  Link


Better Call Daddy, Reena Friedman Watts, Podcast 179 Stepping Up, Speaking Up, And Delivering! link 

The Go Procast, Jeremy Torisk Delivering with Kellie Lease Stecher Link

Humanizing Leadership with Louise H Reid, Episode 136  Protect women who protect us with Dr. Kellie Lease Stecher   Link

Beckers Healthcare, Scott Becker December 5th 2021 Link

Beckers Healthcare, Scott Becker April 28th 2021 Link

Heroes of Healthcare Mental Health in Healthcare: Burnout, Anxiety, Depression & Suicide  Link

KORE Women, Dr, Summer Watson, October 12, 2021 Episode  Link

WPVM-FM Workplace Issues, Dawn Westmoreland, Aug 27,2021 Episode Physician Harassment  Link

The Inspiration of Healing, Matt Welik, Episode 8  Link

FlipMyFunnel, Sangram Varje, #893 Mental Health: Caring for the Medical Link

Upshot Lifesciences, Ambreen Riaz, July 5 2021, The Culture of Medicine Link

Heroes of Healthcare, June 2021 Episode, Mental Health: Caring for the Medical Community. Link

20/20 Foresight, Earl Ameen, Episode 156 CEO Insights Link

SNF Spotlight Series, Yitz Rubin Caring for caregivers: Kellie Stecher Link

The Emergency Docs. Ep. 35: COVID Reflections- Public Health Heroes with Dr. Kellie Stecher. (Apple podcast)

Out of Patients, Matthew Zachary Dr. Kellie Stecher: Proud Band Geek and COVID-19 Burnout Hacker  Link

The Podcast, KevinMD March 8, 2021, Sexual Harassment in Medicine  Link

More Money Freedom & Fun  Cat Breet Stress, Anxiety & Grief: Hope & Healing from the front lines with Dr. Kellie Lease Stecher Link

The Eighth Mile, David Neal, Feb 8, 2021 Episode Patient Care Heroes  Link


Livescience, Patricia Carswell 9/28/2021 How should you sleep during pregnancy Link

Metro Doctors, Journal of the Twin Cities Medical Society Winter 2021 “At the root” (28-29) Link 

KSTP, Callan Gray October 4 2021 Minnesota doctors remembered, calls for change renewed on ever of Physician Suicide awareness Day Link

KARE, Jana Shortal September 8, 2021 Doctor calls for systemic change amid mental health crisis in healthcare sector Link

Top Doctor Magazine, Brianna Connors May 10, 2021 Dr. Kellie Stecher: Mental and Psychological Well-Being of Medical Professionals in the Workplace Link

KARE Jennifer Austin, February 3, 2021 Twin Cities doctor helps launch site to honor health care workers Link

Stecher KL. America is in an abusive relationship. Psychology Open A Open J. 2020; I(1): 1-2. Link

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Dr. Stecher has written a book based on her personal experiences in Medicine.
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Dr. Stecher has written a book based on her personal experiences in Medicine.
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