Kellie Lease Stecher, MD, OBGYN

Kellie Stecher is an MD, OBGYN and President of Patient Care Heroes. Recently she was named as one of the top 50 Healthcare influencers worldwide for 2022 by Medika Life. She has won the Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine’s Top Doctor’s Rising Star award for three consecutive years.

Her work has made her an invaluable contributor to both local and national publications. She’s provided content for local news channels and makes regular appearances on many different podcasts and print publications.

Her focus is on the safety of patients and staff and community education. Most recently, she’s become involved with TimesUp Healthcare – an organization fights to ensure work environments are safe for all colleagues.

Kellie has two children, Addison and Joseph. She grew up in Wisconsin and transplanted to Minnesota to be near extended family. She’s a proud member alumnus of St. Mary’s University. She plays piano, alto saxophone, and loves jazz. She used to row crew and has recently rediscovered that passion with her rowing simulator.

Kellie fights tirelessly for what’s right and for people who don’t have a voice. She’s made her OBGYN practice a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Her loud, full-hearted laugh is exemplary of an authenticity that’s present in everything she does and brings happiness to every patient she sees.

Dr. Stecher's Story

Studying as an OB/GYN, Dr. Stecher wanted fulfill her passion of doing good and helping others. Today, her passion has expanded beyond the birthing center.