Great Grandma

My Great Grandmother was trying to feed her two kids, while in The Great Depression. She was pregnant, and knew they couldn’t afford to feed the children. She had an abortion, which was done in an unsafe manner, and she died. She had uncontrolled bleeding. She was doing what she thought would help her family survive poverty. My Grandmother, and her sister, were then raised by family, because their Dad had to travel to find whatever work he could, wherever it existed.

As an OBGYN I see many reasons why women have abortions. I have had many women with desired and planned pregnancies have terminations for their survival, lethal anomalies, and more. This issue isn’t one that should be addressed by individuals without a healthcare background, it’s nuanced, complex, and needs to be based on conversations between doctors and their patients. We will see more people die from complications of pregnancy, and from illegally obtained abortions if we continue on this path.

Thankful I’m attending
Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law in the fall for my MSL.

Megan RanneyArianna Gianakos DO

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