Maternal Motrality and Infection

One of the phrases I tell myself came directly from a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) attending, and anyone who trained at MSU has heard this. “It’s better to have a living patient without a uterus than to bury them with it.” I remember my intern year and the first time I heard this phrase. It seemed so obvious to me. Of course, I would do a hysterectomy to save someone’s life. Read my newest article over at Medika Life

Health Tech World Interview

Really interesting interview I did with Health Tech World discussing technology in remote healthcare and some other great topics! Link
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Beckers Healthcare Podcast Rankings

Thank you to Scott Becker and Beckers Healthcare Podcast, for giving me the opportunity to speak to all of your listeners. The 7th most listened to podcast is a great place to be!



Let’s face it – the moment you realize you need a doctor is a feeling like no other. Our trust, complicity and will to get better takes over. We need them, and we need them now.

But what about the highly trained woman behind your appointment; your female MD. What does she need, and what has she been through to get where she is today?

When it comes to physicians, we easily forget ourselves. And with female physicians, the ladder is even harder to climb.

Kellie Stecher MD has the courage to speak out. It’s the truth we’ve been waiting for. Could the key to healing healthcare be to fix the gender and racial inequalities that exist?

This dynamic mum-of-two discusses the psychological costs of being a woman physician in today’s world. And what actually happened when the virus came?

So many women in the medical profession have a tale to tell. But when this Minnesota OBGYN opens up about her whole journey from childhood to MD – her very unique story makes it impossible to put down this book.

This ground-breaking account will inform educate and help all to experience the extraordinary psychological pressures female physicians live through in order that you may live life to the full. Available for purchase on Kindle or Paperback at Amazon