Consultant Life

I had this idea….

What if all physicians and nurses were independent consultants. I worked out of a hospital for ten years, made them millions, and wasn’t treated like a human. Meanwhile, as a consultant I get to feel like Jamie Bond.

I get an email, they ask if I’m interested in an assignment, and I get to pick if I am. I’ve never been treated nicer by leadership. There’s kindness and teamwork. It does feel a bit like a witness protection program for being a doctor. You go to different places, and it’s almost like you’re stepping into someone else’s life for awhile. Anyone see Quantum Leap? Kind of like that…

The employers know you are a free agent, and can go elsewhere. There is mutual respect. If everyone did this systems and leaders would be forced to listen to concerns, or at the very least pretend to care. You can have long term relationships, but wouldn’t be bound by non-competes, which I really believe has given systems the ability to treat physicians however they want.

I guess the alternative would just be… people being kind and treating others like human beings and not property. It’s a thought.



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