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Women have borne the brunt of the COVID 19 pandemic, and no where is that more evident than in health care.  In today’s episode, we speak with Kellie Stecher, MD, an OBGYN and advocate for healthcare workers and for women’s equity.  She’s the author of Delivering in which she records her journey through high school, medical training and clinical practice, marriage and motherhood.  Join us in this candid conversation about mental health, power politics and gender bias in the workplace,  and how women can take action to help themselves, no matter what their profession. Kellie Stecher is an  OBGYN and Co-Founder and President of Patient Care Heroes, as well as the Governor of the 7th district of the American Medical Women’s Association, and advisor to multiple other companies focusing on patient and staff safety, and mental health She has won the Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine’s Top Doctors’ Rising Star award for the last three years. She was recently runner up for The Sharp Index: Physician Well-being Leader of the Year.  She also won a silver Anthem Award. Her work has made her an invaluable contributor to both local and national publications, news, and podcasts. Her focus is on advocacy and policy change, centering around safety and equity. She is the author of the book, Delivering, which is out now.  The book is meant to empower women, mothers, working women, women in healthcare, and to inspire change. .


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